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1. File Bottles #2. Sort Utensils #3. Stack Snacks #4. Use Risers ...

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2. Notched Tray #3. Adjustable Drawer-Organizing System #4.

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When I polled you all on Instagram last week (@rachelorganizes), I asked about the spaces in your home that you struggle to get organized. Overwhelmingly, the responses were centered around the kitchen and pantry. And you know what, it totally makes sense! It’s hard to get you kitchen and pantry organized because it’s one of the places you spend most of your time. I know in my house someone is always in the kitchen and it is in constant flux (I mean, have you met my children and seen their eating habits?!) Today, I’m sharing 4 practical tips to help you get your pantry organized once and for all. And trust me, these are easy things that you can do...

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