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Video editing was once a tedious process, and creating a thirty-second social media-worthy clip would involve hours of editing work. You’d first need to pore over tons of video to find something clip worthy, and then you’d spend hours editing and cropping the video to get it ready for use.

Thankfully, AI and machine learning have revolutionized video editing. Today, you can create beautiful and professional clips for social media and advertising in a fraction of the time it once took. Let’s take a closer look at the features you need from AI video editing software to increase your dance studio’s visibility and help bring it to the next level.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Unless you do some moonlighting as a videographer, video editing probably isn’t an area you’re fluent in. Today’s AI video editors account for that, and they make it easy for newbies to get acquainted with the software easily.

A drag-and-drop interface enables you to import your raw videos, clip and crop videos, apply filters, transitions, effects, and more from one central location. The interface should feel intuitive, with all the tools you’ll need at your fingertips.


Cropping and formatting your videos is one of the most time-consuming aspects of video editing. While automatic cropping isn’t new, AI software has taken the process to the next level. Today’s heavyweight video editors ensure that your subject remains in the frame at all times regardless of how tightly the video is cropped.

Depending on the clip, the software will determine the best strategy to frame the clip, and the cropping will either remain static or move freely along with the subject in the frame. All you’ll need to do is select the aspect ratio that corresponds with the medium you’ll be using, and the editor will intelligently crop your video to that format without any manual adjustments.

Today’s best video cameras allow you to shoot in the proper aspect ratio for different social media applications, but it’s helpful for your AI video software to provide automatic cropping for videos you’ve already shot.

Video Curation

Going through hours worth of video to find the most share-worthy clips is exceptionally time-consuming. Thanks to AI, many leading video editors can do much of the heavy lifting for you. You define the parameters you want the software to look for, and it will scour your raw footage and provide you with clips that fit the parameters you ask for.

Some editors will even stitch the different clips together, providing you with a near-complete production video. All you’ll need to do is put on the finishing touches and import it for use on all your socials.

Filters and Enhancements

Any video editing software will come with plenty of filters and a world of adjustments you can make to the picture on the screen. But unless you know how to use all that stuff, it’s not particularly useful. Some software uses AI to deploy their tools in the proper scenarios, so you don’t have to worry about how the magic happens.

Many top editing software can match colors and skin tones, optimize image attributes like brightness and contrast, stabilize images, and much more, all without a single manual adjustment. Many of these enhancements can be made from a top video camera, but it’s great to have this functionality in your editor, as well.

AI Video Editing Software Guide for Your Dance Studio

Finding the perfect software option for your dance studio’s video editing can seem daunting. But there are plenty of great options you can invest in that will elevate your business’s visibility and professionalism. All that’s left is to pick one, and start editing!


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AI Video Editing Software

AI Video Editing Software

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