Camera Trackers for Dancers: Robot Cameraman

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How often have you missed the "it" shot because you weren't in position? Whether you're filming solo or trying to capture a performance from multiple angles, you can't do everything.

There is a solution to this problem using a camera tracker, also known as a robot cameraman. It is also common for commercial camera crews to utilize camera trackers when capturing quality action shots. So why not get a piece of the action for your next routine with a robot cameraman?

How Do Camera Trackers Work?

A robot cameraman uses a compatible smartphone or camera to capture action shots by automatically adjusting, zooming, and focusing on keeping the video consistent. Some trackers involve a single element, while others feature a central hub and several "beacons" arranged around the filming area.

This camera tracker is a handy tool that will automatically follow you, zoom in and out when needed, and allow you to debrief your session with your dance teacher (or by yourself!). This versatile camera attachment can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for capturing all your performances!

Features to Consider

Though camera trackers function in the same general way, some offer more features than others. So even if you are just getting started with recording your dance moves and want to use a camera tracker, it's important to consider all the features you need before making your purchase. 

Camera trackers can vary greatly in terms of their features, so it's important to choose one that offers everything you need for your type of dance performance.

 Make sure to consider things like the range of the tracker, the battery life, and the accuracy of the tracking. You're sure to find the perfect camera tracker for your needs if you take into account all these different factors. 

Tracking Distance

Range matters for your camera tracker as much as it does for your camera or smartphone. If you have a large studio and require a range of 50 feet, you don't want a tracker that maxes out at 30 feet.

Consider your space and how much distance you need to catch every angle or run a greater risk of blurred images.

Field of View

Capturing an entire studio space is one huge reason to use a camera tracker. That said, if the tracker has a minimal field of view, it won't capture the entire area.

Look for a system with enough range to follow your movements from one end of the room to the other. For example, you may want to choose a tracker that features beacons for larger spaces.


Whether you want to use your smartphone or a quality camera, it must be compatible with your chosen tracker. Some robot cameramen may work with tablets, additional microphones to capture sound, and other accessories.

Regarding compatibility, you may also want to consider software and apps. No matter what you plan to do with your video, you need to upload, share, and edit the footage. Does the device have an intuitive and convenient helpful app or web-based software? Is it compatible with your current devices, including your computer?

Live Streaming Capability

The option to live stream a performance is an excellent way to promote your abilities, especially because people know it's not cropped or edited. While many camera trackers include this feature, not all of them can handle live streaming.


When comparing devices, don't forget to look at the accessories. Some products may require additional pieces that you have to purchase separately, like a tripod.

Guide to Camera Trackers for Dancers

Capturing your performances is necessary but not always possible without help. Hiring somebody to film every move can be costly and not always the best result. Instead, you can take charge of your filming experience with a robot cameraman. It's a hands-free option that can capture your performance from any angle you choose!

Adding additional robots and cameras allows you to film multiple dancers from different angles to capture the most of any dance show! This will give you more footage to work with and a higher-quality final video of your stage performance.

Camera trackers can be a great addition to your dance filmmaking arsenal, giving you the ability to capture shots that would otherwise be impossible. They also allow you to be more creative with your shots and give you the ability to capture footage from multiple angles simultaneously. If you're serious about recording your dance moves, a camera tracker is something you should consider investing in.

Now you can capture those perfect shots that always seem to happen when you're not in position. So, the next time you miss the shot, don't sweat it – just get a camera tracker to help you out!

More Details

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Camera Trackers for Dancers

Camera Trackers for Dancers

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