50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 103

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Seamless Animation 

An all-black background helps your product images pop off the screen. With a single product photo, you can achieve a seamless animation to draw shoppers in. The animated movement highlights two features: your product and company logo. Simple design techniques let your product stand out and make your special offer clear.

Boost Brand Recognition

Your product is front-and-center when the video begins, giving it the most spotlight on screen. Vital information appears clear and crisp on a black background. As the animation fades out, your logo stays on-screen to help boost brand recognition. A clear call to action helps boost consumer response.

Heat Map Highlights

The heat map shows that your product takes center stage. Customers look there the most, considering your offer. As the heat map highlights, they also consider your brand logo, a perk for your sales pitch. In between those two hot spots, your text features custom information, from discounts to product details, that encourage your audience to click.

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