50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 129

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A bold, cool-toned background makes your logo and product the main focus in this video advertisement. The ad begins with just a product photo in view, making it the center of attention. After the first transition, the text below the image appears, riding in the waves.

Here, you can put sales or product information. After the first transition, your logo, which remains in view, enlarges, becoming the main focus at the end of the video. Squiggly-line animations draw in the viewer and highlight the central product image. Your item is front-and-center in the ad, with text below it and your logo in the top right-hand corner.

As the heat map proves, the main focus is on the product image and the call to action. A bright, bold image and clear buy-now text may be the winning combination for this video ad. Plus, a final nod to your company logo helps create brand awareness in the final seconds of the animation.

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