Convert your Shopify product images into video ads that sell!

50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 109

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A blue background frames product images and informational copy. The blue background makes your product and text the focus of the ad. Multiple text fields maximize marketing space, giving shoppers vital information. Once the primary promotion animates, the screen fades to a logo overlay.

The timed introduction of your product photo ensures viewers see the image first. But a prompt segue into your sales copy and special offer information doesn’t keep them waiting. Your video conveys the essentials without distractions; only seamless animation. Finally, your logo appears in a central, memorable spot as the video concludes.

Heat map trials show that consumers zero in on the product title. They give a secondary look to the product image. Sale and other special product info also receive viewers’ attention. If you need to prioritize sales offer text or a specialized deal or coupon, plan your copy carefully since this ad maximizes your written messages.

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