Convert your Shopify product images into video ads that sell!

50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 123

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This abstract yet organized ad makes your product the sole focus. A pastel background creates a sense of calm interest. Bold blue styling gives you the space for text, images, and logos. The ad also has space above and below the picture to optimize your sales messages.

Transitions put the product image front-and-center for the ad’s full length. The image only disappears at the end, revealing a moving abstract design to keep the viewer's attention. Shoppers will stick around long enough to see your logo or a call to action (or both). The subtle pastel colors in the background allow viewers to zero in on your content.

From the heat map, we can tell the main focus is on the text at the top of the ad. This text is great for advertising sales because it immediately grabs the viewers’ attention. A secondary focus is on the product image and supplementary text.

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