Convert your Shopify product images into video ads that sell!

50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 126

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In this fast-paced and fun video, an accented color block displays your product. Engaging animation and a well-rounded color plus graphics approach is practically guaranteed to stop your ideal shopper’s scroll. Above the product is ample space for text plus a buy now icon to encourage conversions.

Show off your product’s capabilities with a photo that drops onto center stage. Movement helps make the ad dynamic without overwhelming the viewer’s eye. Transitions make sure your product stays the focus of the ad. Your product only fades at the end of the video to showcase your logo.

According to the heat map, the video’s primary draw is on the text above your product image. You can use this area to highlight important factors, like price or sales, for the most oomph. The secondary focus, the image, should be a carefully curated snapshot of your product. In combination, the two focal points may add up to more sales

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