50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 1510

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The dynamic transitions of dark vs. bright make your images pop off the screen while pulling in the viewer. With its bold charcoal background, your product is front-and-center, framed by electric green boxes. On the top, your logo is the main focus, and to the bottom left, you see an accented arrow guiding the viewer to the text. Design elements, like moving green and white lines, help the ad get shoppers’ attention.

The offset, flashing green frame drives focus toward your image at the beginning of the ad. Fun design elements draw attention to your product photo. But overall, the ad is crisp, professional, and well-thought-out. Rather than overwhelming the viewer, the animations subtly direct shoppers to check out your product image, brand, and special offers.

The heat map shows us that the viewer primarily focuses on your image before moving to your text. This is a great area to highlight specific product information or sales. The viewers’ secondary focus is on your logo, a plus for brand recognition.

Visualize your business with this series of eCommerce video ads

Standing out from the crowd is tough. And with digital video advertising, it's even tougher. But we get it. It's no secret that video ads work, and they're far more engaging than text-based ads. They're also more effective at driving customers to your store because they focus on the product and show how it works in action – rather than just talking about it. That's why we created this product for you: an easy way to create high-quality video ads that attract customers like moths to a flame.

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