50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 154n

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The design choices on this ad, including contrasting navy and orange colors and fading lines, contribute to an ad that grabs the viewers’ attention. Frames and moving lines outline a product image against the dark blue background. Flowing stripes add interest, and the movement encourages scrollers to stop and watch.

The engaging animation is perfect for holding onto viewership as the boxes form around your text and just out of frame image. You can share the product name or a brief description in one of the boxes while you put a call to action in another. When the final transition occurs, the ad displays your logo and product name as the central image intertwined with an accenting orange case.

According to the heat map, viewers primarily focus on your image, followed by your text below, highlighting your product's prominent aspects. The viewers’ secondary focus is on your logo and text at the very bottom of the screen. The bottom text is a useful place for a call to action.

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