50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 155n

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Highlight your products with this bright and colorful social media video ad. A clean white background ensures your product image will pop. Strong yellow design elements grab the viewer’s attention while relaxing yet bold blue lines wave in the background.

This creates an engaging animation that further spotlights your product without pulling eyes from your main image. Share the product name, target keywords, and relevant sales information before ending by featuring your business’s logo.

Set in a 9:16 vertical online template, this video is guaranteed to make a potential customer stop scrolling and watch the whole, full-screen animation. Images, texts, and ratios are maximized for optimal viewing on mobile devices. The heat map shows that customer’s attention is focused on your product, with the supplementary focus on your keywords and sale info.

Video advertising for the eCommerce store

Don’t waste your time learning how to create ads or your money paying per-video fees when Adtwixt can do the work for you at an affordable price. Adtwixt creates compelling social media ads for your eCommerce stores. Adtwixt goes beyond creating the video files to deliver UTM dynamic parameter tags customized for social media and search engine ad platforms.

You’ll be able to analyze your products’ creative data with analytics. Buying product videos from Adtwixt means you’ll get them in an easily-uploadable bulk file to elevate your Shopify eCommerce product store instantly.

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