50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 167n

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The text for this ad stands out against the color blocks and animations. The first transition focuses on the product image as our eyes shift from the orange accent subtly fading out of view. During the next transition, the polka dots shift away to reveal the text above the image. The final transition enlarges the logo and product name, bringing our orange accent back in to refocus the viewer's attention.

The bright blues, oranges, and yellows in friendly shapes that dominate this ad highlight the unique design elements. Flowing white polka dots and turning stars make it fun and eye-catching. Your product is center-stage for the first part of the ad, with the animations and bright colors helping engage customers with your product.

The viewers’ focus is mainly on the product image before shifting to the text below it, which allows you to highlight the essential aspects of your product. The heat map shows the secondary focus is on the text above the image for creating a discrete and concise message.

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