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20 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template

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Video ads are a great way to get your message across social media, especially when those messages are fun and engaging. There is nothing like a professionally made video ad to grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more.

Adtwixt offers a wide variety of video ad designs perfect for capturing new visitors at the top of your store marketing funnel. We can create custom videos that can be shared on all social media platforms and tailored to fit any product you have in your Shopify store (customized templates are also an option). Want something more specific? Well, we’ve got it! With our customizable template options, Adtwix is truly one-of-a kind when it comes to helping brands capture their audience from start to finish.

These video animation templates help your product images pop off the screen. With a single product photo from your existing listing, you can achieve a seamless animation to draw shoppers in. The animated movement highlights two features: your product and store logo. Simple design techniques let your product stand out and make your call to action clear, helping boost consumer response.

They are eye-catching and fun to watch. Your product is center-stage and the animations and bright colors help engage customers with your product.


You can use the text to convey sales or product information. At the same time, the sliding text contrasting colors help your message jump off the screen. Transitions move the focus from your image to the text that appears below it. A final transition centers your image while the text and logo remain.

The heat map shows us that the viewer primarily focuses on your image before moving to your text. This is a great area to highlight specific product information or sales. The viewers’ secondary focus is on your logo, a plus for brand recognition.

Engaging animations that further spotlight your product without pulling the focus away from your main image. These video ads share the product name, target keywords, and relevant sales information before ending by featuring your store logo.


Adtwixt offers a wide variety of digital video templates to choose from that can be used to create a video ad that is perfectly suited for your store brand. With Adwixt, we work with you to develop an ad campaign that works with your budget and targets your audience.

Adtwixt has teamed up with numerous professional designers and agencies to create unique templates for your Shopify store product videos. Every day more templates are added to our library. From start to finish, we will make sure you get the perfect product videos.

This listing is for 20 videos from your Shopify store listings. Perfect for smaller stores or for testing new products. You will also receive a fully prepared video campaign ready to upload to Pinterest with one click.



Start by viewing the images in this listing gallery and choosing the template image you feel would best showcase your product. Add the template number from the image to the box above the Add to Cart button. 


Click the "Add to Cart" button and it will take you to the Shopping Cart page. There is an instruction box for you to paste a list of the URLs of the product listings you want in the videos.


Proceed to the checkout page. Shopify's checkout process is designed to be as fast and easy as possible. Just fill in the required fields and you're all set!


If you have a discount code to use, there is a box on the checkout page to enter it. The price will update automatically. If the balance is zero, there is no need to enter a credit card number or make a payment, but you will need to add your billing address to complete the checkout. 


Once you submit your order, we will email you within the next business day to confirm the product listing along with the images and text from your listing. You can then edit or make any changes to suit your template selection (different templates have varying character limits for text fields).


If any changes need to be made, we'll work with you until they are exactly the way you envisioned them. We can make any changes, as often as you need us to until you're 100% happy with the final version of your product videos.


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