50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 131

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This ad’s style shows how contrast creates an ad that highlights an image yet generates interest in the copy, too. The background begins as a dark bubbly blue while slide-in imagery drops the image and crucial sales copy into view. After the image disappears, the background turns white, surrounded by oblong floating shapes and accents to highlight a logo, now central in the ad.

The first transition keeps your product on-screen but adds your logo and space for adding sales messages that draw attention. The ad has enough room for sales information and a call to action without sacrificing photographic square footage. As the final transition comes into view, the writing disappears, and the only image on-screen is your logo.

The heat map tells us that the viewers’ focus is split between the two main text blurbs and the photo. But the additional text field earns a glance, too, making this video ad an excellent option for text-heavy promotions.

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Adtwixt provides a number of different templates for the video ad to help users create a high-quality video ad fast. The templates are designed to be very flexible in that they can be changed to fit any product or service.

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