50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 91

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This video’s full-color background includes a classic rose shade accented by a complementary pale blue curving across the corners. Design elements like polka dots and geometric lines are subtly animated to add interest to the ad’s overall look without overshadowing your product image. Your product takes center stage for the first segment of the video before making space for your business logo.
The bold text conveys your sales information, product title, and targeted keywords while displaying your image center screen. A smooth transition changes this image into a showcase of your business’s logo or a call-to-action graphic along with the chosen text at the bottom of the screen.
The heat map shows that viewers’ eyes are drawn to the large text below your image, highlighting any sale or special pricing in this area. The text at the top also attracts a lot of attention, while your product image’s animation is always in their peripheral vision.

Adtwixt makes custom video ads that encourage people to click

Adtwixt provides custom video ads with attractive animations that promote your products in an engaging way. Customers will be able to click on them and purchase right from their browser window - without having to open up another app or leave the page they're browsing!

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