50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 95

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We make up the ad’s background of orange and two-toned blue geometric shapes. Design elements, like circled layers and curved edges, give this ad an interesting look without taking the attention away from your product, which is the central image, until it fades away to display your logo at the end.

As the first transition occurs, your product remains at full attention, with text appearing as squiggly waves and streaking lines border it. The text is perfect for any product information or sales that could bring in more customers. As the final transition comes into play, your product fades away, enlarging your logo on a white background with a solely pointed shape, an orange triangle, shifting in its direction.

The heat map shows that viewers’ eyes focus on the text above and below the image, highlighting important product information or pricing changes. You can also put a call to action in the text, potentially drawing in more customers. The viewers’ secondary focus is on your product image and your logo that takes its place at the end.

Build a video advertising campaign with our easy-to-use eCommerce video templates

For small-business owners with limited resources, developing and scaling video ads can seem impossible. Challenges include: shooting compelling video, creating memorable ad copy, using video analytics for targeting campaigns and uploading the resulting ads to separate platforms. But there is an easy solution: let Adtwixt prebuild video advertisements for your eCommerce site. With this easy-to-implement strategy, you can offer seamless, premium video experiences to your users!

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