Performance Email Marketing Campaign Setup - Unlimited Leads

Performance Email Marketing Campaign Setup - Unlimited Leads

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You get unlimited, qualified leads with our no-risk, results-driven outreach service.

We specialize in helping agencies that serve ecommerce merchants acquire more dream clients every day without spending large amounts on PPC ads.

Setup fee covers the first $5000 in generated in paid client billings, and your ongoing cost is a 10% performance fee.

Imagine not being asked for your budget on how much you want to spend on ads. Your agency growth should be determined by the quality of your offer and ability to convert qualified leads and not by how much money and time you have to waste on creating PPC campaigns. Often, bidding on competitive agency service keywords results in conversion costs well over $100, so you need alternatives that won't break your budget.

You can start offloading some of the time-consuming prospecting work today and focus on what will drive your business forward.

You close the bookings in your calendar while our team does the copywriting, designing the emails, building the flows, tracking the data, and optimizing everything.

Here's How It Works

1. Tell Us What Service You Offer
We'll help you reposition your irresistible offer to land in your dream client's inbox.

2 We Create and Launch Your Campaign
We'll use our experienced outreach team to craft demand-generating copy that will have your calendar full.

3 You Pay Us From New Sales
No empty promises or expensive monthly retainers that don't bring results. You only pay us from the new sales revenue we bring you.

We Don't Get Paid Unless YOU Get Paid!

It is a no-risk, results-driven service that you only pay for performance.

You can now focus on client discovery calls to get the ideal dream clients for your services.

Let us know on the form here what your offer is, and we can give you feedback on what to expect and if it is a good fit to work together.

This is a pay for performance service where you only pay 10% commission on the sales from the new clients we acquire for you. 

It does require substantial setup and we provide a discounted custom services from:

Campaign setup

Your setup fee deducted from your first $5000 generated sales. 

After $5000 in generated in paid client billings, your ongoing cost is a 10% performance fee.

This is less than most ROAS deals and required no additional work from you other than closing clients that we send to your booking page.

Setup Includes: 

Redirector link configuration with UTM tags

A/B testing multiple offers

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