Custom Analytics Dashboard for Video Ads with bonus UTM Tag Manager

Custom Analytics Dashboard for Video Ads with bonus UTM Tag Manager

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We know how confusing and overwhelming ad analytics can be. Yet, it’s tough to target your business goals without crunching the numbers. So, we built an analytics Dashboard specifically for social media video ad data.

What is the Dashboard?
Our Custom Analytics eCommerce Dashboard streamlines eCommerce-related metrics from social media video ads. We compiled all the important stuff so you can see crucial data at a glance:
Customer and product analytics
Marketing and channel analytics
Your store's analytics
Order analytics
The Dashboard provides one space for all of your social media video ad-generated data.

Without distracting, unrelated information clogging up the analytics Dashboard, you can clearly see what’s working in your campaigns — and what’s not. Our Dashboard also allows you to see exactly where the problem areas are. You can even make changes to address real-time feedback.

Choose Your Widgets
Our Custom Dashboard has store traffic data, top posts, customizable widgets that you can drag and drop, a real-time visitor count, referrals, and more. Everything you need to track the success of your social media video ads will be at your fingertips.

It’s simpler than ever to access click tracking, views, and conversions from your social media video ads with the consolidated and simplified Dashboard. You also get to take advantage of predictive text, click tracking, social sharing, link shorteners, and more.

Find the Data You Need
The ability to compare traffic between dates and over time helps optimize ads and so you can see when the most site activity occurs. You can also filter visitor behavior with tags and monitor the best-performing social media posts related to your business.

Conversion funnels provide insight into how many you have lost and show you if there is a trend beginning. This information allows you to react accordingly in time to avoid any further dips in your conversion rate.

Getting Started
Getting started is easy. An Adtwixt training video and instructions for setup get you into your Dashboard fast. Also included is a free upgrade to the in-development GA4 Dashboard and a UTM workspace. You’ll also receive info on best practices plus UTM templates.

No matter your business needs, many tools relevant to your social media video ads are at your disposal. You no longer have to take a wild guess of what to do next. Instead, check out your Dashboard analytics, form a plan, and take action.

Tons of tools and customization for your business make Adtwixt’s Dashboard a perfect fit. Finally, you can see the whole picture — well, video — when it comes to tracking your social media video ads implementation.

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