Digital Video Advertising

Digital video advertising is a critical component of any effective marketing strategy, with viewers saying they retain 95% of the information presented in video ads compared to text-based ads.

Video engages customers by showing them your product in action. Digital video marketing effectively uses:
dynamic imagery
sound effects and music
animated text elements
visual effects
vivid colors

When you put them together, these elements create compelling videos that drive customers to your store.

Video content is easier to share, which means your product can be sent from viewer to viewer without them having to visit your site directly. It’s a way to reach potential customers that doesn’t depend on website traffic but still increases your business’s sales and revenue.

Social Media Video Ads

Consumers are more likely to view brands on social media before visiting their website. With shopping links and swiping up available on social media platforms, using video advertising on social media is vital.

Integrating these ads into your Facebook and Instagram content will engage viewers with your product and make your brand’s vision stand out.

Vertical Video Ads

With so much content being shared via social media, videos are being viewed on smartphones. This means vertical video isn’t the faux pas it once was. If you want to capture a potential customer’s attention before they scroll by, a vertical video is the way to do it.

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads can play before or after other content, but you can also embed it into websites to play while a user looks at other information on the page. Mobile video ads result in a click-through rate three times higher than banner ads on the same webpage.

The key to quality digital video advertising is to know what your customers want and where they’re most likely to view it. With the average consumer’s attention span maxing out at eight seconds while scrolling, you need to make sure your video will grab them.

You can do this by making sure your ad:
loads quickly
is short and concise
is animated
includes sound

Since many mobile users keep their sound off when scrolling at work or in public, you also need to make sure your ad makes sense with no sound by using animated text or closed captioning.

Over 60% of advertisers plan to increase their digital video efforts in the future, and with Adtwixt, you can take advantage of that piece of the market.

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