Convert your Shopify product images into video ads that sell!


Adtwixt is built for Shopify merchants to transform product photos into scroll-stopping social media optimized videos.

We're a start-up in the social commerce space, and our goal is to help the best merchants dominate social media for traffic related to their products.

Video marketing is one of the fastest-growing strategies in the world of social media advertising. A big reason for that is it allows you to profitably reach a wide range of new customers and spur immediate action from your target audience.

Our done for you video services were created out of frustration and necessity to specifically address the needs of our own Shopify and Amazon FBA businesses. Our team has mastered the art of using video for e-commerce and are now specialists in using social media to create top-of-funnel traffic for our customers. In collaboration with other ecommerce sellers who have struggled the same way as us, we develop and constantly update powerful strategies, tools and training that will get more customers from your online store's marketing efforts.

Originally developed for our own purposes internally and expanded as a white-label video creation service for digital agency clients, it's now available as a productized service directly to all Shopify sellers. This means that companies can finally have video content created for their own products without hiring expensive agencies.


Is your business ready to dominate social commerce for search traffic related to your products? If so, you're in luck! Adtwixt is the perfect partner if you are looking at a new way of marketing.

You already have a conversion-optimized Shopify store for direct product sales or referring traffic to Amazon product pages.  

You have implemented remarketing campaigns to connect the customer's journey as they progress through your marketing and sales funnels. It's vital to the success of your marketing strategy.

You know that marketing is great for bringing in the traffic but your products page and images are what convert visitors into buyers.


The question is not whether to invest in videos, but how you can use this new form of content to its full potential for your store.