Social Marketing Video

You know what matters to your brand. You’re passionate about your mission. You’ve spent time and money building your brand and making sure that every word and image contributes to your vision of a better world.

Now how do you share your message?

The answer is video.

Social marketing videos are the top way to expand your brand and tell your story. Video captures your audience’s attention and grips their emotions. In an instant, your audience understands who you are and why your mission is important. You know how to tell your story – all you need is the framework to put it out there.

Adtwixt can help you build a social marketing video that does all of the above and more. Adtwixt is a full-service solution that provides everything you need to create successful social marketing video campaigns. But it comes at a much lower cost than most solutions online.

● No video skills needed
● Catalog of proven visuals
● User-friendly
● Fast and affordable
● High impact

With Adtwixt, your story is ready to be shared.

Why Are Adtwixt Video Ads Better Than an Image?

Images are easy to source, so why not just stick with them? The answer is simple: videos work. Videos stop the endless scroll and get more eyes on your content. More eyes lead to more clicks! Videos are increasingly the best way to engage with audiences and influence users.

Here are a few ways video is the best marketing choice.

● Videos tell a nuanced story more quickly and effectively than images.
● Videos are high-impact, engaging multiple senses, and pulling people in emotionally.
● Movement is eye-catching.
● Dynamic animations make you look more professional and prepared.
How Will Adtwixt Help Me Run Better Ads?
Adtwixt designs video optimized for mobile and ready to go. You can end ad fatigue among your customer base by creating new campaigns at a low cost. Additionally, Adtwixt doesn’t just provide you with a single video – your full package will include all the dynamic tags you need to track and post to various platforms.

Adtwixt improves your marketing videos by:

● Scaling your video ads for effective campaigns
● Maximizing results through analytics
● Giving you the tools you need to create a visually compelling video in minutes
● Saving you time and money to work on what you care about

Give Adtwixt a try today! Start by exploring our full suite of social marketing videos.

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