Adtwixt Secures $45,000 Private Seed Investment for AI-Powered Ecommerce Solution


Adtwixt Secures $45,000 Private Seed Investment for AI-Powered Ecommerce Solution

Portland, OR – April 9, 2024 – Adtwixt, a pioneering data-driven tech startup in the e-commerce marketing automation field, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of $45,000 USD in private seed investment. This funding will be instrumental in the development and prototyping of their innovative Virtual Repair Assistant software, designed to transform the e-commerce parts catalog experience.

The Virtual Repair Assistant software is set to revolutionize the way e-commerce businesses manage and utilize their parts catalogs. By integrating advanced AI technologies, the software will offer real-time troubleshooting, guided repairs, and intelligent product recommendations directly from the online catalog interface. This initiative promises to enhance user experience, reduce customer service costs, and increase operational efficiency for e-commerce merchants, particularly in the aftermarket parts sector.

Robert Charles, Co-founder of Adtwixt, expressed his enthusiasm about the new AI project: "This seed funding marks a significant milestone in our journey. With these resources, we can bring our vision of simplifying and enhancing the online repair process to life. Our Virtual Repair Assistant is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for the e-commerce industry, ensuring businesses can offer superior service and support to their customers."

The investment will primarily be used for software development, including the integration of AI capabilities like machine learning models for part identification and natural language processing for user interaction. 

Adtwixt plans to initiate the prototyping phase immediately, with a strategic rollout scheduled for later this year.

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