Mobile Video Ad Checklist

Make a Plan for Success

Before beginning any sort of marketing campaign, it is crucial to have a plan. With social media, cover your bases, and you'll have a smooth start.

Set Your Goals

  • Having a primary goal in sight keeps everything in line
  • Smaller objectives should serve to reach this goal
  • Both the ideas you have and the way you implement them should be on the same track

Determine the Data Management Method

  • Know how you will track and record the data from the campaign
  • Making sense of this data requires analysis

Choose the Right Platforms

  • Avoid trying to maintain a presence on each social media platform
  • Work with your current media presence and build upon it
  • Go with whichever social media platforms suit your business the best

Keep the Future in Mind

  • Once you reach your goal, you will need to figure out the next step
  • Depending on how things go, you may want to reach even higher
  • The future shouldn't be a big focus, but keep it in the back of your mind

Use Up-to-date Technology

'Staying with the times' requires adaptability like never before. With the world changing before our very eyes, it is vital to change right with it.

Prioritize Mobile Optimization

  • A vertical format for mobile viewing should be the priority

Balance Sound and Text

  • Most users mute their phones, especially during ads
  • Captions get your message across in many ways
  • Any sound should be clear and subtle

Assure Maximum Video Quality

  • A clear picture and engaging visuals are a must
  • Opt for bright colors and closeup shots

Don't Hesitate to Get Creative

  • Utilize impressive filming or editing techniques 
  • Consider VR compatibility

Deliver Appealing Content

Regardless of what type of video ads you end up using, they have to be interesting. Catching the viewers' attention is a matter of seconds.

The Shorter, the Better

  • Most social media video ads should be around 15 seconds long
  • 30 seconds is the maximum, but avoid it as much as possible
  • Keeping it short and sweet leaves a better impression

Intrigue Your Audience

  • Put your call to action early in the ad, and make it clear
  • The beginning should feature an eye-catching, attention-grabbing moment

Maintain a Cohesive Message

  • Your ad should fall in line with the values and nature of the business
  • Branding, themes, and the message you carry should be cohesive on all platforms

Observe and Adapt

  • Think of your ideal customer and appeal to their needs
  • Ads are best when they're relevant to the viewer's life and circumstances

Use Timing to Your Advantage

  • People are more active during specific times of the day
  • The same concept goes for the days of the week
  • Time your ads to coincide with one, or both, of these peak times

Embrace Hashtags

  • Hashtags are a great way to get more clicks and views
  • Avoid overdoing them, but don't skip them either

Be Recognizable

  • By a certain point, your brand should be instantly recognizable
  • Make ads exciting and engaging in your unique way