50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 1010

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This layout leaves you feeling calm and interested. With a range of earth tone backgrounds, it paints the perfect setting for your product to be the sole focus. Bold curve styling provides all that is needed when adding text, images or logos into this space-efficient design - not to mention there's plenty of room below as well!

The subtle colors in the background allow viewers to zero in on your product while scrolling through their social media feed. Transitions put the product image front-and-center for an ad's full length, only disappearing at the end of this distraction-free designed page. Visitors will stay long enough to see what you have up next or even just your logo and call to action.

The designer of the video ad knew exactly what they were doing when it came to grabbing attention. The product placement makes you want to immediately click on whatever is being advertised just by looking at the top of this product! This text also captures your eyes with a secondary focus on eye-catching logo placement. The supplementary text at the bottom attracts the viewer's eye.

Video Ads that get people to want your products

Your store's marketing strategy is incomplete without video, and Adtwixt has the perfect solution to capture new visitors at the top of funnel audience. With a wide variety of ad designs that will suit any type product you can imagine, we are confident you'll find the perfect design! You don't have to worry about creating videos on our own - because all it takes for an amazing social media video campaign. templates (customized ones are also an option).

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