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50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 163n

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A professional charcoal gray background ensures your product photo pops in this video eCommerce ad. Vivid blue lines are playfully positioned at the top left corner of the image and animated to draw the customer’s eye to the product. Pulsing light gray geometric shapes and design elements keep the viewers’ eyes focused on the screen’s center.

Your business logo or a call to action graphic is positioned above the product image, so it stays in the viewer’s peripheral vision. Subtly animated elements draw attention to the text below the product, so the customer’s eyes take in the entire screen over time.

The bright green text will showcase your sale or pricing information, and the green morphs into designs as the video animation progresses. The heat map shows that viewers pay the most attention to your product image, with the green text and surrounding animations drawing the next highest focus.

Adtwixt creates compelling 9:16 vertical social media ads for your eCommerce stores, optimized for full-screen mobile viewing. Adtwixt goes beyond creating the video files to deliver UTM dynamic parameter tags customized for social media and search engine ad platforms. You’ll be able to analyze your products’ creative data with Google Analytics. Buying product videos from Adtwixt means you’ll receive a bulk file to upload and instantly elevate your Shopify eCommerce product store.

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