50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 33F1

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The white background creates a vivid contrast between it and your product. The unique pointed burgundy color arrow frames your text while drawing attention to the image with its upwards motion. As the golden text comes in, it pulls the viewer's attention to the text on the bottom of the screen.

The subtle transition and emphasis in this ad grabs the viewers’ attention. The video begins with your product taking up the entire screen, which falls out of focus within the next transition as the bouncing, zooming text appears just underneath. In the final transition, you have a still picture of your desired message, with your product as the background.

According to the heat map, the viewers’ focus is generally on the text that appears below your image. When your viewers focus on this part of your ad, it means they’re interested and want to find out more about sales or product information. The viewers’ secondary focus is on your product image.

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Adtwixt provides dynamic, fully-customizable social media video ads for your e-commerce site. These are optimized to run a vertical view on mobile devices and improve click-through rates. If you're planning a re-design of your e-commerce store's content, Adtwixt can provide video templates suited for your brand and products.

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