50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 53F1

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This ad begins with a vivid, clean white background with your product taking center-stage. As your product pans across the screen, your viewers will see it in its entirety. The ombre color block that appears to frame your text is a neutral pastel, so the white text jumps on the screen.

This ad has an abundance of writing space, which you can use for sales or product information. As the second transition fades, your logo will appear. The ad also has space during the final transition for your product’s name and a call to action.

The heat map tells us that most viewers focus on the two text boxes below your product’s image. Since the viewers focus on that spot, it’s perfect for the information you think will get the viewer to click. Viewers also focus on your product image, although the main focus is on the text.

Create video ads to sell more Shopify products

Adtwixt creates compelling, eye-catching advertisements for your eCommerce storefront. All of the videos are optimized for viewing on mobile devices and designed specifically for social media networks and search engine ad platforms. Customization means that you have more control over how the ads look and can run tests with Google Analytics to see what's working.

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