Convert your Shopify product images into video ads that sell!

50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 66F1

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This clear and concise ad puts your product center-stage by framing it in a white color block that contrasts brilliantly with the two-toned dark purple background. The subtle linear animation that moves along the background drive focus towards the text and central image. The blue and gold colors used for text and color blocks add brightness to the ad.

The ad begins by showcasing your product, alone against the dark background. The ad always seems like it’s moving due to the background lines, so transitions feel smooth. The next transition swiftly slides the text on-screen, while the final transition brings your logo and product name into focus.

The heat map says most viewers focus on your product image, since it remains on-screen throughout most of the video. Viewers are also drawn to the text above your image, which you can use for product information, sales, or a call to action.

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