50 Social Media Video Ads for E-Commerce using 9:16 Vertical Online Template 98

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The psychedelic orange arcs move against the dark blue background like the ripples on a lake. This helps focus attention toward the ad’s center, where your product image is as a crisp cutout. The text surrounding the image is both vertical and horizontal, adding even more dimension to the design elements.

As the ripples begin to expand, your product swishes in on-screen, demanding attention. This is soon surrounded by text that essentially frames the image. As the waves continue, your logo, encompassed by a white color block, appears as the central image at the end of the ad, making it stand out against the groovy background.

According to the heat map, most viewers are focused on the text below your image. Your viewers’ secondary focus is on the vertical text beside your photo. You can use these text boxes for product information or sales that can draw in more customers.

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